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When an ndau holder assigns the calculation of EAI for a specific account to a specific network node. See Delegate...
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Delegate – transaction type

Sets or changes the delegation node for an account. The delegation node is responsible for filing CreditEAI transactions on behalf...
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EAI Rate Schedule

EAI is accrued according to an EAI Rate Schedule published by the BPC, and the rate at which EAI is...
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EAI Service Fees

Certain service fees are deducted from EAI. The fees collected are used to fund the continuous growth and operation of...
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Issue – transaction type

Once ndau have been released from the Endowment into the reserve, they are not yet considered to be in circulation....
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A private key and a public key together make up a keypair. Information (of any sort) can be combined with one...
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Lock – transaction type

Locks an account, which sets a countdown period but does not activate it, and prevents the account from being used...
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To encourage long-term stability, ndau accounts accrue a bonus Ecosystem Alignment Incentive (EAI) lock incentive if they are locked by...
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Market maker

The Market Maker has the authority to release new ndau from the reserve and to permanently remove ndau from circulation....
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The smallest possible division of one ndau, equal to 1 x 10^-8 ndau.
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